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Hizib Nahdlatul Wathan 16.pdf

Hizib Nahdlatul Wathan: A Spiritual Legacy of KH. M. Zainudin Abdul Majid

Hizib Nahdlatul Wathan (Hizib NW) is a collection of prayers and supplications written by the founder of Nahdlatul Wathan (NW), KH. M. Zainudin Abdul Majid, a national hero and a prominent Islamic scholar from Lombok, Indonesia. Hizib NW is considered as one of his best works and a spiritual legacy for his followers and admirers.

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Hizib NW consists of 16 chapters, each containing verses from the Quran, hadiths, and praises of Allah and Prophet Muhammad. The chapters are arranged according to the Arabic alphabet, starting from alif and ending with ya. Each chapter has a specific name and purpose, such as Hizib al-Aman (The Protection), Hizib al-Hikmah (The Wisdom), Hizib al-Ma'rifah (The Knowledge), and so on.

The main objective of Hizib NW is to strengthen the faith and devotion of the Muslims, especially the members of NW, an Islamic organization that aims to spread the teachings of Islam and promote social welfare in Lombok and beyond. Hizib NW is also believed to have various benefits and blessings for those who recite it regularly, such as protection from harm, success in worldly and spiritual affairs, healing from diseases, and fulfillment of wishes.

Hizib NW is widely practiced by the NW community in various occasions, such as death ceremonies, celebrations, gatherings, and special nights. Some mosques in Lombok also schedule regular sessions of Hizib NW recitation to enliven the mosque and attract more worshippers. Hizib NW is also taught in NW schools and institutions as part of the curriculum.

Hizib NW has been published in various formats, such as books, pamphlets, audio recordings, and digital files. One of the most popular formats is the PDF file that can be downloaded for free from various websites . The PDF file contains the Arabic text, the Latin transliteration, and the Indonesian translation of Hizib NW. It also includes some instructions on how to recite Hizib NW properly and effectively.

Hizib NW is not only a product of KH. M. Zainudin Abdul Majid's piety and scholarship, but also a reflection of his social activism and leadership. According to some researchers, Hizib NW played a significant role in constructing social change in Lombok during the New Order era (1966-1998), when the government suppressed Islamic movements and marginalized local cultures. Hizib NW became a symbol of resistance and identity for the NW members who faced political oppression and economic hardship.

Today, Hizib NW continues to inspire and guide millions of Muslims in Indonesia and abroad who follow the teachings of KH. M. Zainudin Abdul Majid and his successors. Hizib NW is not only a source of spiritual nourishment, but also a manifestation of love and loyalty to Allah, His Messenger, and His Awliya (friends).


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